Wallet & NFT products
that seamlessly integrate with your blockchain project

Onboard your users with our easy to implement Wallet services. And experience the full potential with our NFT tools and NFT marketplace.

+1,000,000 users

Blockchain agnostic

Supporting the biggest blockchain layers for our set of blockchain products. We focus on both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

🤍 Preferred partners of Polygon, Binance, Avalanche and Hedera.

+12 blockchains
L2 compatible

Tools to build securely

With our powerful wallet, minting and market APIs, you have a thrustworthy partner to scale your blockchain project. Instead of assuming we are secure, we encourage Ethical hackers to battle test our defenses every single day!

+4M$ in AUM
API solutions
Insured custody
Powerful APIs

Seamless integration

Our products integrate seamlessly with each other and with yours. We're your blockchain tech provider, ready for the future.

API documentation
Live support

Our products

Wallet Solutions

Onboard your users with our wallet solutions. Choose our widget or API solution as your custody wallet provider to scale your project.


NFT Marketplace

Sell your NFTs on the Venly Market and show your project and work to our fast growing network of users. Unlock the network effect of a secondary market on our marketplace and get your royalty fees on every sale.

Blockchain agnostic
Custom royalty fees

NFT Tools

Use our secure NFT tools to monetize your project. With our tools you can create, manage, distribute and secure your NFTs on our platform.

Minting APIs
Unity plugins
NFT distribution

What our clients say

Sebastien Borget

"Venly makes it really easy to create a wallet and access The Sandbox gaming platform without any prior knowledge of blockchain. I fell in love with the social login option to create a wallet! Great products."

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Guillaume Veldekens

"Venly offers the most convenient and flexible way to integrate a blockchain layer into our project. With their tools it becomes a piece of cake to create and interact with smart contracts. Smooth UX, future proof and a pleasure to work with them!"

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Idon Liu

"One of the main reasons we are using Venly is to make it easier for new players to sign up, purchase Ethermons and start playing right away. Those new players are the ones we want to reach"

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Latest blogs and podcasts

Guest Article: 4 Reasons to Sell NFTs (even in a bear market)
Guest Article: 4 Reasons to Sell NFTs (even in a bear market)
September 6, 2022

Recently, many businesses have begun expanding to incorporate NFTs and metaverse real estate in their business models. But why does that matter?

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All About Royalties
All About Royalties
August 9, 2022

Royalties, you may know what they are in relation to music or films, but they can be trickier when it comes to NFTs. Let's talk about it.

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GAIMIN to Revolutionize Gaming Energy Usage with Venly
GAIMIN to Revolutionize Gaming Energy Usage with Venly
August 1, 2022

We get so excited about the future of web3 that we forget about some of the negative aspects. Decentralized data processing is the way forward. 

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