No Risk,
All Reward

Welcome to our internal token, VENS. VENS are just for you, they are a reward for doing all the things you normally do in the Venly Market. Check below for all the ways to earn.

How to earn VENS

You can claim your spot on the leaderboard by partaking in any of these market activies:

Did you know you can earn VENS just by logging in? Every 24 hours, active users receive a notification asking them to claim their daily VENS reward.
(Active users have either deposited funds, bought or sold an NFT on the Venly Market.)

Buying NFTS
Selling NFTS
Making bids
Claim 10 Daily

Come out on top with VENS

The leaderboard will keep track of all the VENS earned within a month. At the end of each period, USDC will be given to the top 100 users on the leaderboard with the amount based on positioning.

Then the leaderboard is cleared and everyone starts fresh. But don’t worry, you will keep all of your earned VENS in your account, as more utility is on its way.

Start Earning Now

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