Sell your NFTs via Venly

The Venly NFT Market is a great way to bring your NFTs to your public, being the first multi-blockchain peer-to-peer NFT Marketplace with over +200k monthly users. If you're looking for a custom marketplace solution, we can help with our APIs.

How to sell my NFTs?

Looking for the right partner to sell your NFTs? A marketplace that supports your blockchain? Or just a way to feature your work in front of +200k NFT enthousiasts? We got you covered!

Fiat & Crypto

The Venly NFT Market

Sell your NFTs for USDC and fiat on the Venly Market. If you're NFTs are minted on the blockchains we support, you can directly sell them by login in with your Venly Wallet. You can also connect your Metamask to sell directly from there.

2% tx fee
10% royalty fee

Market APIs

If your looking to build your own custom NFT Marketplace, we are happy to provide our Market APIs. You'll be able to customize the wallet your users connect with as well the currency they purchase your NFTs with, among many other feature. You're also able to connect your sales to the Venly Market to benefit from extra potential buyers.

Custom marketplace
Low fees of 2%
We only take a 2% transaction fee, deducted automatically on every sale.
Direct customer support
Our team guides you as well as your buyers directly via live chat.
Reach +200k gamers
Reach our growing user base via exclusive drops and dedicated campaigns.

What our clients say

Alessandro Marin

We’re excited to be partnering with Venly and share the common mission to bring inclusiveness to Web3 and provide the latest blockchain.

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Martyn Hughes

Our vision is to create innovative and exciting solutions that make it easier for all people to benefit from blockchain and NFTs, just like Venly.

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Rebecca Miller

Our users are paying for content, not the tech behind it. Integrating Venly enables us to make interactions and transactions very simple.

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