NFT Market

Join the first multi-blockchain NFT Marketplace and get your NFTs featured in front of our +200k users on the Venly Market.

NEW: build your own NFT Marketplace with our powerful APIs.

+100 merchants

Buy & sell NFTs also with fiat

We want to bring NFTs to the mainstream. Therefore we built a marketplace where you don't need crypto to pay. You can pay via credit card and stable coins.

Sell your NFTs from your Venly Wallet or Metamask.



The Venly Market and Market API currently support Polygon, Avalanche and the Binance Smart Chain. We continue integrating other blockchains one by one.

Venly Market
Market APIs
Blockchain agnostic
Royalties on your NFTs

Custom royalty fees

For the Venly Market we only take a transaction fee of 2%. Get up to 10% in royalty fees, as the contract holder, depending on your preferences.

2% tx fee
Up to 10% royalty fee
Low fees of 2%
We only take a 2% transaction fee, deducted automatically on every sale.
Direct customer support
Our team guides you as well as your buyers directly via live chat.
Reach +200k gamers
Reach our growing user base via exclusive drops and dedicated campaigns.
"One of the main reasons we are using the Venly Market is to reach new players that can trade Ethermons and start playing right away. This new generation of players is the one that we want to reach."
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Idon Liu
NFT Professor Ethermon


Get started directly with the Venly Market, an open peer-to-peer NFT Market. Or request a demo for our Market APIs (in beta).

Venly Market

The very first blockchain agnostic NFT market

2% transaction fee
Get started in seconds
Reach over 200,000 users
10% royalty fees on your NFTs
Polygon, BSC, Avalanche enabled

Market APIs

Build your own NFT Marketplace

Custom P2P NFT marketplace
Your preferred wallets
Your preferred payment providers
You control your users funds
Get access to extra sales channels

Frequently asked questions

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What type of auctions do you support?
Do I need to have a Venly Wallet to sell my NFTs on the Market?
Can I put the same NFT for sale on the Venly Market and another NFT marketplace at the same time?