User onboarding

Onboard users to your blockchain app or game with the biggest gaming Wallet provider via email or social, fully secure. We're specialized in gaming tokens and NFTs.

Looking for a wallet provider?

Are you looking for a wallet provider for your blockchain game or app that can help you onboard your users, support your token and NFTs on the Blockchain you selected? And this is a scalable and fully secure way?

+200,000 users

Introducing the Venly Wallet solution

Our easy to integrate widget solution offers you the ability to automatically create a wallet on the right blockchain for every user you onboard.

Already supporting MetaMask? Then adding Venly only takes a few minutes with our Web3 provider.

Web3 widget
Easy integration

Or customise everything with our APIs

If you need a more customizable solution, where you are in full control of the UX as well as your users funds, you can opt for our wallet APIs.

Fully custom
Wallet APIs
Available everywhere
Venly works on any browser and any device, allowing you to expand your funnel.
Full control over UX
You are completely in charge of the user experience to optimize your user conversion.
Exchange service
We provide a fast and simple Exchange Service offering Fiat to Crypto and Crypto to Crypto trades.
Multi-factor authentication
Authenticate using email or social and improve security enabling two-factor authentication.
Recoverable wallets
Passwords and pin codes can be forgotten. Venly offers users advanced recovery processes.
Customer support
We provide a dedicated staging environment as well as customer support for you and your users. 

What our clients say

Johnson Phan

“Venly has been a great partner in helping lower the barrier of entry for new NFT users with features like signing up for a crypto wallet with email"

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Arul Prakash

We chose for Venly for its top notch security and ease of integration as well as their user friendly wallet solution vision on the future of crypto.

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