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We can push your NFT sale and project to our +200k NFT enthousiast and investors by creating a full funnel marketing campaign, communicated via our socials and direct channels. 

Need an extra push for your NFT sale?

Planning an awesome NFT sale? Or launching a new project that you want to share with the world? We have the right recourses and channels to get the word out and convert our users into your buyers.

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Get your project and NFTs featured on our Market home page in front of all our visitors. Including a fast track verification process and guidance with the best tips and tricks for a successful NFT sale campaign.

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Dedicated campaigns

We're happy to collaborate on co-branded NFTs so we can organise give-aways and communicate this via direct mailing, socials and our upcoming Discord channels.

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Low fees of 2%
We only take a 2% transaction fee, deducted automatically on every sale.
Direct customer support
Our team guides you as well as your buyers directly via live chat.
Reach +200k gamers
Reach our growing user base via exclusive drops and dedicated campaigns.

What our clients say

Arul Prakash

We chose for Venly for its top notch security and ease of integration as well as their user friendly wallet solution vision on the future of crypto.

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Daniel Wroblewski

"Venly has provided us with a fantastic solution to interact with the NFT world and blockchain, and has an extraordinary support and energy!"

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Adam Kramer

"Venly is the perfect partner to fulfill our mission is to connect the world through finance and games allowing everyone to own the value they create"

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