Game inventory system with Unity

Build a game inventory system with our Unity plugin. A complete solution for game devs to integrate blockchain in games and use the blockchain as an inventory management system to safely store your gamers precious assets.

Looking for a scalable solution to manage your blockchain assets?

Focus on game development and great gameplay while Venly takes all the blockchain complexities out of your hands with a secure and user friendly solution.

+12 blockchains supported

Manage your in-game assets on the blockchain

Use the blockchain to safely manage your in game assets. Design your in game assets from within your favorite game engine and publish them directly to the blockchain using the Venly/Arkane Unity plugin.

Easy plugin

Generate extra revenue from secondary markets

When your gamers buy and sell their items on the Venly Market or your own Market, built on top of our APIs, you receive royalties on each trade.

Up to 10% royalties
Smart contracts
Venly Market

What our clients say

Arul Prakash

We chose for Venly for its top notch security and ease of integration as well as their user friendly wallet solution vision on the future of crypto.

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MD Rakib Ahamed

"By using Venly’s blockchain agnostic wallet solution, NFTmall users can log in with social credentials. Helping us to bring NFTs to the mainstream"

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Sergej Kunz

“We at 1inch are strongly focused on integrating with top players in the blockchain industry — and Arkane is definitely one of them.”

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