NEW: Shopify NFT app

Sell NFTs via your Shopify store with the Venly minting app.

In order to get you started you'll need to be vetted by Venly and Shopify. Please apply via the button below!

Official partnership with Shopify.

You want to sell NFTs via your Shopify store?

Do you want to integrate the ability to sell NFTs via your own Shopify store? Or do you want to create your own shop for NFTs in Shopify? With our Shopify App we have everything you need. From minting to a secure distribution.

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Sell NFTs via your Shopify store

By integrating the Venly app, you're able to sell NFTs without having to worry about minting, distribution and storage. We mint your NFTs automatically and create a wallet for the purchaser as soon as you sell an NFT on your store.

Shopify app
Wallet creation
NFT distribution

Secondary sales

One of the many great things about NFTs, is that the creator can get royalty fees on every secondary transaction. Your NFTs that get sold via secondary sales on our Venly Market, will give you a royalty fee on every transaction. Great right?

up to 10% royalty fee
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Venly NFT Market

How it works

Create NFTs with ease

Design NFTs through a user friendly interface. Keep track of your different templates and choose at any time to turn them into products.

Mint NFTs on the fly

Easily mint NFTs for each successful order, and keep track of the process in a handy dashboard.

Send to your customers

Your customers don't require a blockchain wallet, NFTs are sent to their email address, where a blockchain wallet awaits them.

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